Our company handles exactly what
customers want through rapid communication.

Let’s take a look at the steps from
order to delivery.

Step 1.

Please select a convenient way
to contact we.

Step 2.

Please organize the name, artist,
and quantity of the album you want
to order and send it to us.

Step 3.

Our company is

There are trade experts who are
in charge of each country and help

Get help from our trade experts.

It conveniently manages all tasks
such as ordering, settlement,
and delivery.


please make sure to contact the head office for identification of

our trade specialist. Our company will not be responsible for
any damages caused by the unconfirmed transaction.

Step. 4

We will kindly consult
and send you an estimate.

* The product will be ready and
sent after 100% payment is completed.

* Please understand if the answer
is late because the time difference
in Korea is different. *